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The ElectricKit Aga Cooker Conversion has been a consistent offering since the early 2010s. In late 2023, the latest addition to the ElectricKit lineup was introduced - The ElectricKit Classic.

The ElectricKit Classic offers the option of installation into our fully refurbished Aga cookers or as a conversion for existing Aga Cookers.

Similar to the ElectricKit Original, the ElectricKit Classic efficiently transforms your Aga Cooker into a precise, controllable electric model.

This upgraded version features electric elements beneath each hotplate, allowing for adjustable heat levels from boiling to simmering via a numbered dial ranging from 1 to 8. Moreover, there's an opportunity to upgrade the left-hand hotplate to an advanced induction hob, providing instant heat and reduced operational costs. In the case of the hotcupboard section in our 4-oven ElectricKit models, temperature control is unified through a dial ranging from 1 to 8. For clients seeking expanded temperature ranges and a dedicated hob warming plate replacement, our purpose-built ElectricKit HotCupboard is available.

The right-hand ElectricKit ovens, designated for roasting and simmering, boast a digital display for precise temperature adjustments. This display indicates both the target and current temperatures of your top right-hand oven. Additionally, the ElectricKit Classic Edition incorporates a "Boost" element beneath the bottom right-hand oven, enabling manual temperature increases for enhanced flexibility.

For the 3 Oven ElectricKit Classic Conversions, customers will find a display equipped with four dials, each numbered 1 to 8, facilitating control over individual hotplates, right-hand ovens, and the left-hand oven. Notably, the three-oven models do not include a bottom boost element.

This comprehensive range of features and options offered by the ElectricKit Classic exemplifies its versatility and precision, providing tailored solutions for varying culinary preferences and requirements.

How does the ElectricKit Classic Conversion work?

Before the ElectricKit Classic conversion, your traditional Aga Cooker relies on a single heat source such as an oil or gas burner. Post-conversion, the ElectricKit Classic transforms your Aga Cooker by incorporating elements strategically positioned above, between, and below your cast iron ovens. Redundant conductions and convection ducts are responsibly removed and recycled as part of our scrap metal management.

The ElectricKit Classic Edition operates with distinct individual elements for precise control. The synchronized firing of the top oven element and the middle element ensures enhanced temperature stability. Moreover, the bottom oven element is independently managed through a dedicated dial within the ElectricKit Classic control panel, while the two hotplate elements offer complete adjustability.

Initiating the ElectricKit Classic Conversion involves a meticulous process. It commences with a thorough disassembly of your current Aga Cooker, including the removal of old loose-fill insulation and cast iron conductions. Subsequently, new insulation is installed, and the ovens are reconstructed. Wiring the thermostats and elements into the ElectricKit Classic control panel follows, culminating in the reinstallation of the top and fitting of the new hotplates. Finally, the moment arrives for the grand switch-on, marking the completion of the transformation.

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Converting your Aga to electric energy: some advantages and disadvantages


  • Cost Efficiency: Experience reduced operational expenses with lower running costs.
  • Enhanced Control: Enjoy versatile ON/OFF control over both ovens and hotplates for added flexibility in cooking.
  • Faster Heating: Benefit from quicker heat-up times for accelerated meal preparation.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Seasonal Adaptability: Efficiently manage ambient heat during warmer months, ensuring a comfortable environment.
  • Continuous Operation: Keep your Aga on round-the-clock during cooler months for consistent warmth.
  • Maintenance Savings: Eliminate frequent servicing costs typically associated with traditional Aga cookers.
  • Flue-Free Design: Experience the convenience of no flue requirements, simplifying installation.
  • Independent Temperature Control: Ensure that oven temperatures remain unaffected by hotplate usage, maintaining precise cooking conditions.
  • British Craftsmanship: Proudly enjoy a British-made product known for its quality and craftsmanship.
  • Warranty Coverage: Peace of mind with an included warranty, safeguarding your investment.


  • Incompatibility with Internal Hot Water Boilers: Unable to function in conjunction with internal Aga Cooker hot water boilers.
  • Higher Initial Investment: Involves a comparatively higher initial outlay than traditional models.
  • Heat-Up Time Consideration: Plan for heat-up or pre-heat times when your ovens/hotplates are turned off.
  • Grill Shelf Requirement: Consider the necessity of a grill shelf to elevate dishes and prevent burning due to intense heat.
  • Reduced Ambient Heat: Experience approximately 30% less ambient heat compared to traditional models.
  • Dependence on Power Supply: Operation ceases during power cuts, rendering the Aga inactive.
  • Potential Electrical Adjustments: May require electrical modifications depending on your site's configuration.
  • Preference for Electric Kettles: Many customers opt for electric kettles due to their convenience and efficiency.

An alternative conversion system is theeControl system. Contact us to discuss which might suit you.

Using the ElectricKit Classic system: some advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the ElectricKit Classic:

Setting temperatures for the top roasting oven is made easy through a user-friendly display interface. Additionally, managing hotplates is simplified with individually numbered dials (1-8), allowing precise heat adjustments for each plate.

Compared to previous ElectricKit editions, the ElectricKit Classic offers improved heat-up times, enhancing overall efficiency. Installation for 2 oven models is streamlined, requiring only 2 x 13amp fused spur switches for straightforward setup.

Experience enhanced temperature control with the addition of the Bottom BOOST Element, providing increased flexibility, including the option for two Roasting Ovens.

In 4 oven models, the hotcupboard element remains hidden, preserving valuable oven space. Manage the hotcupboard section efficiently using a numbered dial (1-8) in these models. The top oven's design eliminates the need for a metal baffle, setting it apart from other conversion kits.

Opt for an official induction hob to replace your LH hotplate, adding versatility to your cooking space. Experience minimal smoke or odors during the initial firing compared to other conversions. Lastly, enjoy the convenience of integrated on/off WiFi control accessible via an integrated app.

Disadvantages of the ElectricKit Classic:

The ElectricKit Classic's control panel, in comparison to other conversions, might lack aesthetic appeal. Transitioning to traditional cooking styles, such as utilizing the grill at the top of the bottom oven, may present a learning curve for users.

Caution is advised with the hotplates, which should not be left on full heat when the lids are closed to prevent overheating and potential repairs.

Manual digital temperature adjustment is limited to the Roasting Oven, requiring users to familiarize themselves with this specific operation. Understanding the bottom oven's operation is important as it usually runs at around 35% cooler than the top oven, approximately 70°C cooler.

To adjust the bottom oven temperature, users utilize the 'boost element' dial numbered 1-8, requiring a learning curve to associate each dial number with its corresponding temperature. Traditional models necessitate manually removing the enamel grill plate each time the boost element temperature is altered.

Models with 3 and 4 Oven configurations require higher power supply, specifically 1 x 32amp supply. For customers seeking an integrated fan option, we can advise on a fan system as an alternative, as the ElectricKit Classic doesn't include this feature.

Example heating times for 2-oven models

1400W Hob

  • Full temperature in 23 minutes with 21% power saving.*
  • Boiling plate temperature in 19 minutes.
  • Simmer plate temperature in 13 minutes.

Top Oven

  • 180ºC In 48 minutes with 10% power saving.*
  • 220ºC in 61 minutes with 17% power saving.*
  • Steady running consumption - 28% power saving.*

Top Oven & Bottom Oven to 120°C

  • 180ºC In 48 minutes.
  • 220ºC in 61 minutes.
  • Steady running consumption - 19% power saving.*

*Power saving percentages are compared to original ElectricKit. Figures are approximate and may vary based on usage conditions.

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