SUMMER SALE! £500 off all Aga cookers delivered and fitted before August 31st 2024 SUMMER SALE!

We stock reconditioned Aga Range cookers of the highest quality and offer a renovation service available for your old Aga Range Cooker.

John Wray Country Stoves use only the very best raw materials and re-enamelling products on the market. This aligned with our enviable reputation in the market place means that we are able to offer a finished cooker that will match not only the beauty of a new pristine Aga cooker but the efficiency and quality will not be compromised either. The only exception to this rule will be the price!

John Wray Country Stoves is meticulous at every stage of the renovation process to ensure that our customers realise the full charm of their Aga as if it were new. All pre-owned Aga cookers that arrive are graded by what condition they are in and if necessary certain components of the cookers are then shot-blasted to remove any imperfections and grime.

The internal parts of the cooker are inspected and either repaired or replaced. The cast iron body of the Aga is re-enamelled using the highest standard vitreous enamelling process enabling us to provide a full range of quality colours to suit all of our customer’s tastes/requirements. Utilising quality high gloss vitreous enamel gives the cooker a finish that will appear as good as new with an exceptional depth of colour.

It is worth noting that John Wray Country Stoves has thousands of working cookers throughout the U.K. We will be happy to share with you some of our customer’s thoughts and opinions on the Aga’s that we have installed and their opinions on the services we have provided.

Our reputation in the marketplace for high quality products is second to none, we are always at hand to help and advise you on both the purchase of your new cooker, any appropriate site work that may need completing and the on-going maintenance of your John Wray Country Stoves Aga.

Call us on 01748 811 030 for more information or visit our showroom.

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