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How does the Aga Range Cooker work?

The Aga Range Cooker has a cast-iron body which is a dense, strong and stable metal enabling heat absorption, storage and transmission. The heat is released in the form of radiant heat, it is this radiant heat that gives the cooker the ability to cook food all day and keep it warm for hours whilst preserving the flavour, moisture and texture of the food. It has two hotplates – simmering and boiling. The four oven has roasting, baking, simmering and warming ovens whilst the two oven has a combined roasting and baking oven and combined simmering and warming oven. As you become more accustomed to using your Aga Range cooker you will find that most of your cooking will be done utilising the ovens.


Aga Range Cookers Explained

Learn about AGA range cookers with us at John Wray Country Stoves in North Yorkshire. Aga Range cookers stand as an icon in kitchen appliances, with a distinct blend of innovative engineering, superb design, and efficient cooking capabilities. Unique in construction and method, Aga Range cookers use cast iron to store heat from a heat source at the cooker's core, transferring it steadily for even cooking. A testament to culinary excellence, these cookers utilise the radiant heat cooking method, guaranteeing delicious meals and an efficiently warm kitchen.

A Historical Glimpse of Aga Range Cookers

Originating in the early 20th century, the Aga Range cooker is a remarkable invention by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr Gustaf Dalén. Born from the simple intention of improving the traditional stove, Aga has experienced a radical transformation over the decades. The Aga has been refined, embracing new technologies yet retaining its classic style, making it an enduring icon of the kitchen. Known for their constant evolution and introduction of cutting-edge technology, Aga Range cookers continue to enthral cooking enthusiasts, marking their steadfast popularity across generations. The Aga's enduring charm continues to be celebrated in countless kitchens worldwide, a testament to its lasting quality and classic appeal.

Design and Features: What Makes Aga Range Cookers Unique?

Aga Range Cookers stand out in the market with their distinct design elements and superior features, contributing to their iconic charm and enduring popularity. A distinguishing characteristic is their robust cast-iron construction, providing excellent heat retention and distribution for exceptional cooking results. The incorporation of multiple ovens is another stand-out feature, offering immense cooking versatility. You can simultaneously bake, roast, and slow-cook in separate ovens, providing you with complete control and efficiency. The dynamic Aga hotplate heats pots and pans instantly, saving you valuable preparation time. The seamless integration of these features enhances cooking efficiency by providing precise temperature control and ample cooking space. From Sunday roasts to weekday meals, experience the joy of cooking with appliances that combine tradition and innovation.

Aga Range Cookers in Modern Kitchens

Aga Range Cookers seamlessly integrate into modern kitchens, effortlessly blending timeless style with contemporary functionality. Their distinctive design and versatile colour options allow for easy customisation, ensuring compatibility with a variety of modern kitchen aesthetics. A stunning fusion of timeless style, advanced technology, and unsurpassed functionality, they fit seamlessly into contemporary kitchens. Whether it's minimalist, traditional, industrial, or country, an Aga Range cooker never looks out of place; rather, it becomes the shining focal point, marrying classic appeal with modern aesthetics. Its design may reflect heritage, but the functionality and versatility of the Aga Range cooker make it perfect for the modern kitchen.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Aga Range Cookers

Aga Range cookers are notably energy efficient, featuring an eco-friendly design that promotes sustainability. Engineered with advanced technology, these cookers optimise energy consumption, operating by means of renewable energy sources like electricity and natural gas. As such, Aga Range cookers support sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, which have a negative environmental impact. Most importantly, the use of these renewable energy sources directly leads to a substantial reduction in carbon footprint within the kitchen. This dedication to energy efficiency not only benefits users by lowering utility costs but also positions Aga Range Cookers as a responsible choice for those seeking environmentally conscious kitchen appliances. Opting for Aga Range cookers is not just a move towards innovative cooking but also a stride towards conserving our environment.


2-Oven Aga

John Wray Country Stoves has the 2 oven model available in 13 amp, oil fired and gas fuel types and in all colours. The 2 oven features a simmering plate (400 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre), boiling plate (800 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre), plus a roasting/baking oven (300-500 degrees Fahrenheit) and a combined simmering and warming oven (100-300 degrees Fahrenheit).


w: 987mm
h: 851mm
d: 679mm

2 OvenOilNatural GasPropane
Cooker Only40 litres425 kWh60 litres
HW 90 Boiler60 litres601 kWh84 litres
HW 135 Boiler65 litres--

4-Oven Aga

John Wray Country Stoves has the 4 oven model available in 13 amp, oil fired and gas fuel types in all colours.

The 4 oven features a simmering plate (400 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre), boiling plate (800 degrees Fahrenheit in the centre),warming plate (140 degrees Fahrenheit) with an optional gas cook top plus a roasting (450 degree Fahrenheit) and baking oven (350 degrees Fahrenheit) and both a simmering (250 degrees Fahrenheit) and warming oven (150 degrees Fahrenheit).


w: 1487mm
h: 851mm
d: 679mm

4 OvenOilNatural GasPropane
Cooker Only51 litres527 kWh75.5 litres
HW 90 Boiler68 litres718 kWh101.5 litres


All Aga Range Cookers must be connected to the flue when installed.

There are three different types of connections:

Standard or Open Flue – venting through chimney or a suitable flue.

Balanced flues: usually utilised when the cooker is installed on an exterior wall and there would be no visible sign of the vitreous enamel flue pipe as it would vent directly out of the back of the cooker and through the wall.

Power flues: used when exposed flue pipe is not pleasing to the eye or the cooker is installed on an island unit within the kitchen. The power flue runs off a small electric fan and can be vented under the floor or via cabinet units.


The Aga Range Cooker cleans itself internally by burning off any spillages and the external body of the Aga Range Cooker can be cleaned with a damp cloth. John Wray Country Stoves recommends that your Aga range Cooker is serviced once every nine months by one of our fully trained engineers.

FAQs: Discover Everything About Your Aga Range Cooker

How does the Aga Range Cooker maintain a constant temperature without switches?

The Aga Range Cooker operates on a unique radiant heat mechanism. Unlike traditional cookers with switches and thermostats, the Aga uses cast-iron ovens and hotplates that are kept consistently warm. The cast iron retains heat and emits it evenly, ensuring a constant temperature throughout the cooking process. This radiant heat method eliminates the need for switches and allows for a more intuitive and energy-efficient cooking experience.

What makes Aga Range cookers a timeless choice in kitchens?

Aga Range cookers are timeless due to their distinctive design, multiple ovens, and reliable performance, blending classic elegance with practical functionality.

Can Aga Range cookers be customised to match kitchen aesthetics?

Yes, Aga Range cookers offer various colour options and customisation features, allowing users to match their cooker to individual preferences and kitchen aesthetics.

Are Aga Range cookers energy-efficient?

Yes, Aga Range cookers prioritise energy efficiency through features like graduated ovens and, in some models, the integration of renewable energy sources.

How do I clean and maintain my Aga Range Cooker?

Tips for cleaning include using gentle agents, regular wiping, and scheduling professional check-ups to ensure optimal performance.

Do Aga Range cookers contribute to sustainability?

Yes, Aga Range cookers are designed with sustainability in mind. Their energy-efficient features, such as graduated ovens and the use of renewable energy sources in certain models, contribute to reduced energy consumption. The longevity of Aga Range cookers also aligns with sustainability principles, as they are built to last with proper care. The brand's commitment to environmental impact reduction makes Aga Range cookers a choice for those seeking more sustainable kitchen appliances.

Discover the Quality and Performance of Aga Range Cookers

Our Aga Range cookers at John Wray Country Stoves in North Yorkshire serve as the epitome of ingenious craftsmanship, engineering precision, and stunning design. The seamless combination of robust cast-iron construction, efficient heating methods, and versatile cooking options render them a cherished culinary asset. Rooted in a rich history and yet embracing modern technology, Aga's enduring charm transcends generations. The elegance, convenience, and superior performance that Aga Range Cookers bring into the kitchen are truly remarkable, underlining their unrivalled status in kitchen appliances.

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