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John Wray Country Stoves offer a number of relocation services ensuring that your cooker is where you want it.

Relocating an Aga cooker within a property or to a new location involves several steps to ensure a safe and successful move. Here’s what is involved.

  1. Assessment and Preparation:

Site Check: Before relocating the Aga, it’s essential to assess the new location. Ensure it’s level, sturdy, and suitable for the Aga’s weight.

Power Source: Determine the type of Aga (gas, oil, or electric) and ensure the new location has the appropriate power source nearby.

Flue Position: If the Aga requires a flue for exhaust gases, position it correctly to ensure proper ventilation and safety.

  1. Pre-Move Steps:

Turn Off and Cool Down: Before moving, the Aga must be turned off and allowed to cool down.

Empty and Clean: Remove pots, pans, and other items from the Aga. Clean it thoroughly.

Disconnect Power: If connected to gas, oil, or electricity the Aga must be disconnected before removal.

  1. Secure for Transport:

Dismantled or moved in one piece: Depending on the model it may be necessary to completely dismantle the Aga, before carefully stacking the Aga on a purpose made pallet.

  1. Transportation:

Slow and Careful: We move the Aga slowly and carefully to the new location.

Vehicle Transport: If we are transporting the Aga to a new home we will load it onto our equipt van.

  1. Reinstallation:

Reconnect Power: Once in the new location, we reconnect the Aga to the appropriate power source (gas, oil, or electric) following manufacturer’s instructions.

Commission and Test: A qualified engineer will commission and test the Aga for leaks and hazards to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  1. Refurbishment and Upgrades:

Refurbishing: Customers can choose to refurbish their Aga during relocation. This may involve replacing worn parts, re enamelling or refreshing external components.

Upgrading: If desired, customers can upgrade their Aga; for example, switching from oil to a new generation controllable electric system like the eControl Series X or the ElectricKit Classic.

Remember, Aga cookers are heavy, so professional assistance is crucial.

If you need further details or have any other requests, feel free to ask!

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