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Aga Refurbishment at John Wray Country Stoves

John Wray Country Stoves offer a full maintenance and parts service. All our maintenance engineers are trained specialists and conform to all regulatory requirements. To book a service, why not call the engineer direct on 07850 036697 and ask for Alex or 07956893017 and ask for Adam. We carry spares for most models.

Full range of servicing and maintenance for Aga stoves

Learn about AGA servicing with our experts at John Wray Country Stoves in North Yorkshire. AGA cookers have evolved to become the heartbeat of many modern kitchens, merging efficiency with timeless elegance. Known for their superior longevity, these cookers are, however, not immune to wear and tear, requiring occasional refurbishment and repairs to keep them operating optimally. Through expert servicing and maintenance, AGA appliances can remain an indispensable asset in your kitchen, providing numerous advantages such as improved energy efficiency and better cooking results.

AGA Refurbishment

Refurbishing an AGA cooker is an art that not only breathes new life into the appliance but also significantly boosts its performance. The potential enhancements include better heat regulation, increased energy efficiency and restored aesthetics. It takes professional AGA service providers to perform these refurbishments successfully. These experts come equipped with skills, tools, and genuine spare parts that guarantee your cooker regains its original grandeur and functionality.

AGA Repairs: Common Issues and Solutions

AGA cookers can encounter various issues over their lifespan. While minor fixes, such as replacing seals, can be tackled by owners, more complex repairs should always be handled by professionals to avoid causing further damage. Engaging professionals for AGA servicing and repairs ensures the correct diagnosis and a high-quality solution, thereby prolonging the cooker's lifespan. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

Uneven Cooking

  • Issue – If your AGA cooker is cooking unevenly, it may be due to uneven heat distribution.
  • Solution – Check for any blockages in the flue and ensure that the baffles are positioned correctly. Also, make sure that the radiants are clean and positioned properly.

No Heat or Low Heat

  • Issue – If the AGA cooker is not producing enough heat or no heat at all, it may be a problem with the fuel supply or burner components.
  • Solution – Check the fuel supply and ensure that the burners and injectors are clean. If there are still issues, it may be necessary to call a professional to inspect and repair the burner components.


  • Issue – AGA cookers should operate within a certain temperature range. If they are overheating, it could be a thermostat or control issue.
  • Solution – Test the thermostat and controls to ensure they are functioning properly. If needed, replace faulty components.

Chipped enamel

  • Issue – Enamel serves as a protective layer, and when it chips, it can expose the underlying metal to potential damage.
  • Solution – Before attempting any repair, clean the chipped area thoroughly. Remove any dirt, grease, or loose enamel around the chipped spot. Use an enamel repair kit. These kits are commercially available and can be used to fill in and smooth out chipped areas. They typically come with a filler material and instructions on how to apply it.

Expertise in AGA Rangemaster Repairs

Repairing AGA Rangemaster models requires unique expertise and familiarity with these specific appliances. There are key considerations in this repair process that are distinct from Rangemaster models. Thus, securing specialised services from professionals trained specifically in AGA Rangemaster repairs assures owners that their precious appliances are in good hands. These experts guarantee precise solutions, excellent customer service, and, ultimately, a fully restored cooker.

The Importance of Timely AGA Cooker Repairs

Addressing AGA cooker repairs promptly can mean the difference between a quick, manageable fix and a major, costly breakdown. Ignoring minor issues can snowball into significant problems, damaging your AGA cooker beyond repair and affecting its lifespan. Additionally, neglecting repairs can lead to increased energy consumption as the cooker works harder to compensate for faulty components. Reduced efficiency, uneven cooking, and potential breakdowns may occur if issues are not addressed promptly. Regular maintenance checks can help prevent these complications and assure the continued efficiency and reliability of your AGA appliance.

Electric AGA Servicing

The modern age has seen a shift from traditional to electric AGA models, meeting the needs of contemporary homeowners seeking energy-efficient solutions. However, electric AGA cookers come with their unique set of servicing requirements that need expertise and understanding. An upgrade to an electric AGA brings a host of benefits, including more control over cooking temperatures, lower energy usage, and ease of use. To enjoy these perks to their fullest, enlist a professional for your electric AGA servicing needs. Unlike their fuel-powered counterparts, electric AGA cookers have intricate electrical components. Regular inspections of wiring, controls, and heating elements are essential to ensure safe and efficient operation.

FAQs: Common Queries about AGA Refurbishment and Repairs

What is AGA refurbishment, and why is it necessary?

AGA refurbishment involves a comprehensive restoration process for AGA cookers. This includes cleaning, replacing worn-out parts, and ensuring all components are in optimal condition. It is necessary to maintain the efficiency, performance, and longevity of AGA cookers over time.

Can I attempt AGA cooker repairs myself?

While some minor repairs, such as cleaning or simple part replacements, can be done at home, it is recommended to seek professional assistance for complex issues.

Is electric AGA servicing different from traditional models?

Yes, electric AGA models may have distinct servicing requirements due to differences in their heating mechanisms and components.

Can I upgrade my traditional AGA cooker to an electric model?

Yes, an electric conversion is possible, and it may offer benefits such as improved energy efficiency and better temperature control. However, this process should be undertaken by professionals familiar with the specific requirements of such upgrades to ensure a seamless transition.

Maintain Peak Efficiency of your AGA Cooker

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Investing in regular AGA servicing and maintenance ensures the optimum functionality and longevity of your AGA cooker from John Wray Country Stoves in North Yorkshire. Proper maintenance, refurbishments, and repairs not only breathe new life into your cooker but also significantly improve its performance, delivering enhanced cooking results and increased energy efficiency. So, don't wait until a major issue arises to get your AGA cooker serviced or repaired. Whether you need refurbishment for an older AGA, a diagnosis for an AGA Rangemaster, or the specialised servicing of an electric AGA, contact us to preserve the grandeur and performance of your prized kitchen asset.

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